How to make yoghurt from powdered milk at home!

When it comes to cooking and feeding my family, especially where my kids are concerned, I try to ensure they eat a well rounded meal ( balanced meal) but I do so on a budget.

Its no longer news that the times we are in demand thrifty spending..however, there isn’t the need to compromise on the quality of the food we eat just because we want to manage money.

Good news is, we only have to make informed choices and voila! We would have the best of both worlds..namely: healthy balanced meals that are inexpensive!

This is one of the reasons I learn to make things by myself, plus I totally enjoy doing it…did I mention the sweet joy I get from the excitement my kids express when I do such is most most gratifying… Trust me it is!

I know, I’m not alone on this…this is why I am also leaning forward to teach other moms and even dads out there these easy recipes to allow for a wholesome family meal experience!

Below is the Quick and easy recipe for making yoghurt at home!


🍧 16 tables spoons of powdered milk

🍧 4 cups of warm water

🍧 yoghurt starter( which can be either plain yoghurt or yoghurt culture, a powdery form of pro- biotic usually in sachets)

Optional ingredients include;

🍭 flavour of your choice




🍯 mix the powered milk in the warm water thoroughly, till there are no lumps in it, you can strain through a sieve to be sure there are no residues or lumps.

🍯pour the milk in a sauce pan or pot and bring the milk to a boil at 180°c or 85°F on a low to medium heat. you can measure the temperature using a kitchen thermometer, or eye ball it to determine when its about that temperature. Ensure you keep stirring to prevent the milk from burning.

🍯Allow the milk to cool down to about 110°C or 45°F . you can also determine it has reached that temperature if it doesn’t burn while feeling the container its in or when you taste it.

🍯 Add 1/2 cup of the plain yoghurt which is the yoghurt starter to the milk and mix it very well.

Note; if the milk is too hot, it will kill the yoghurt starter and if it is too cold, there won’t be enough warmth for the fermentation process to occur, therefore, the yoghurt won’t set.

🍯 wrap the bowl, or thermo flask you have put the milk and yoghurt starter mixture with a thick towel.

🍯keep it in a warm place like inside an oven or cupboard where it will be undisturbed for 4-8 hours.

Note; the longer the hours it stays, the more tangy or sour taste it will have. So if you are making it for kids…its better to let it sit for between 4-6 hours to lessen the tangy/sour taste for the kids to enjoy.

🍯 After, the 4-8 hours..the yoghurt must have set. You should refrigerate for about an hour or two..then serve with any topping of your choice.

Note; after the yoghurt has set, you can then add sugar, flavouring and preservatives if you choose before you refrigerate it.

🍯 To make the yoghurt into Greek yoghurt; just strain the yoghurt through a cheese cloth( the type used to sieve pap) and a sieve. The thick cream is the Greek yoghurt while the liquid known as ‘whey’ can be stored and used in other dishes or can be drank.

My home made yoghurt
I topped my home made yoghurt with honey for my kids
Served the yoghurt as an accompaniment to their breakfast meal (balanced!😋😘😉)

Health Benefits of yoghurt include;

1) It is rich in protein

2) it boosts immunity

3) it may help reduce the risk for high blood pressure

4) it is filling, therefore promoting weight loss by reducing hunger time frequency.

5) it helps the digestive system because it contains pro-biotics.

6) it may protect against osteoporosis because it contains calcium, protein, phosphorus, potassium and sometimes vitamin D.

If you try this recipe or find this article useful, let me know in the comment section!


Hey there!! I'm a wife, a mom of 4 beautiful kids! ...I'm a christian and i'm a Nurse by profession...but i loove to have fun! I enjoy trying new recipies, i love fashion, photography, writing, art and craft, and so much more! Come with me on this journey and lets have fun together!!😍😍😍

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