Free master class on: how to grow and care for your natural hair

Recently, I was at a New friend’s place and a comment she had kept repeating was how healthy and great my kids hair all look including my boys…

I take the time to make my two daughters hair, and also don’t leave my boys out of hair care especially when their hair is grown out till when they get a hair cut.

Just in case you are wondering…We usually leave the boys hair to grow out full so that they can have the flexibility to have certain hair cut styles.

The woman also expressed her surprise at the length of my hair that Is just 2 years old this month!

I tried to give her some tips I have learnt in the course of my own natural hair journey and in the care of that of my own children.

But as I was scrolling through my Instagram page, I saw this advert which intrigued me…and not surprisingly so…

I’m a sponge when it comes to learning about the care of natural hair!

I like to soak up as much information as I can get…

Anyway, I delved into the page of the advert and voila! Its a free master class to learn some more about the care of my beautiful crown..

Who am I to say no to a freebie..but then, I started to wonder…nothing is actually free in this life..

There has to be a catch to this free webinar.. I curiously scrolled down, and the catch was nowhere to be found, so I signed up..

Then, poof!! The catch appeared!

I said it! I told myself and was almost rushing to un-sign up myselfπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ if I can put it that way…but you sha get the gist!

Then, my church mind whispered to me and said I should pay attention and listen to “the catch” video

Turns out…it’s actually for a good cause..the catch is just for those who signed up to share the link for as many women and I think men as possible to be aware of the free webinar which from the outline of the course will be greatly beneficial to them..

Truth be told…a lot of people are at sea with how to properly care for their natural hair, as well as to achieve their desired length goals..

So, here I am…doing my bit to share the link for those who might be in dire need of this information.

Its my own way of helping out..

Although, the organizers claim to give prizes to those who have the most shares, I think that was just put in place to get people to do it..

However, I’m very passionate about the natural hair…I want to see more people thrive and be happy with their beautiful crowns and I’d be more than happy to do whatever positive thing necessary to get people there..

You can check my blog for the poem I wrote about the natural hair..

Without further Ado, below is the link;

Do well to click on it and share it if you will.

In the words and voice of Mickey Mouse: “Thanks for stopping by!”


Hey there!! I'm a wife, a mom of 4 beautiful kids! ...I'm a christian and i'm a Nurse by profession...but i loove to have fun! I enjoy trying new recipies, i love fashion, photography, writing, art and craft, and so much more! Come with me on this journey and lets have fun together!!😍😍😍

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