Help Doyinsola walk again!

Doyinsola, is the sister of a friend. She needs Hip replacement surgery. She first had surgery in 2015 which cost them about 4 million naira.
Unfortunately, the previous implant needs to be
removed as it is infected and the doctors are worried about the spread of the infection. The cost of just removing the implants is estimated at 3 million naira, bearing in mind there might be other miscellaneous

After the removal of the implants, her
mobility will be totally grounded until new implants are put in place.
Due to her condition, she has not been able to get a job, she had to stop her masters programme in OAU due to the stress of climbing the staircase.
The family therefore, is making an appeal to come to their rescue so that Doyinsola can get her life back. Please
no amount is too small. God bless you. Attached is
the details of the case.

Please click on the link below to donate for her: