Do not Be Afraid and why you shouldn’t! Part 1

Do not be Afraid!

In this podcast, I talk about what fear is and how to deal with it, especially in these times we are in where there are just so much bad news making the round.

Recently, there have been reports of more deaths from the new wave of covid19 in some part of the world. Another disease looming reported to be an aftermath of the covid19 from the survivors called black fungus, which is steadily on the rise.

Two countries firing missiles at each other in recent news reports and my own dear country’s insecurity issues escalating.

As well as so many other issues around the world which are bound to make us feel a type of way.

However, what do we have to do?!

We are to FEAR NOT!

How can we do that?!

Take a listen to the podcast for more discussion on the subject.–Part-1-e10rird